The genesis of CODA Technologies began in March of 1985. Originally incorporated as Continuum Electronics, an independent design and engineering consultancy, the company was founded by Eric Lauchli, B.D. Dale and Lorin Peterson, former members of the R&D and technical support staff of the Threshold Corporation, then an innovative leader in high-performance solid state audio electronics.

In 1989, Continuum was renamed to the present CODA Technologies, Inc., and began producing its own line of state-of-the-art, reference-quality audio electronics. The first product bearing the CODAbadge was the FET Preamplifier 01. This design path culminated in the innovative System 100 and System 200 amplifier systems which utilize separate chassis for voltage gain and current stages providing superior isolation of the sensitive voltage gain circuitry from the harsh environment created by high-current output stages.

In September, 1995, the Continuum Electronics name was resurrected as a sister company to produce a line of affordable, high-performance, high-value audio components. In late 2005, the Continuum Line of components were redesigned, evolving into the new Coda “C Class” audio components. This strategic move consolidated all products under the Coda Technologies name for purposes of identity and product branding.

Coda Technologies is a mission-driven organization singularly dedicated to the advancement of state-of-the-art audio reproduction technology. In addition to producing two separate lines of high-performance audio electronics, CODA provides collaborative research, development, and OEM manufacturing support for other well known high end audio equipment manufacturers.

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