Lamm Industries

Similar to the heightened build of a musical crescendo, LAMM Industries represents a determined pursuit of experience, innovation, and excellence—towards which Vladimir Lamm dedicated a lifetime.

Vladimir Lamm’s extensive experience in the field of sound reproduction and psychoacoustics, the scientific study of sound perception and audiology, led to his developing the theory of a “human hearing mechanism.” This theory served as the basis of his designs and sound reproduction techniques. By experimenting with an array of electronic models related to the theory, Lamm landed upon a limited set of topologies that enabled him to create sound reproduction equipment with predefined and predictable parameters—establishing the crucial need for listening tests as an integral process of product development while simultaneously eliminating the use of a trial-and-error approach to design.

Since the physical prototypes of new models are based solely on calculations, the design is essentially ready for production once the prototype is finished. The result of this extensive work is a number of hybrid and vacuum-tube designs, each setting a benchmark of excellence in its respective category.

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